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If you’re planning on building a new dwelling, you may need help with just one aspect of the design, application or building regulations approval.  I can help you with any one thing during the process, or I’d be happy to hold your hand through the entire process.

The construction of any new dwelling requires full Planning Permission. The process is under the control of the Local Authority.  Prior to applying for full Planning Permission the option exists to make an outline Planning application. This can be seen as tentative enquiry of the Local Authority. It is a good way of gauging the likelihood of success at full planning stage.

If the application is potentially contentious, submitting a pre-app could be advantageous. If permission is granted, the applicant has 3 years in which to submit a full application, otherwise the permission lapses and the procedure must be restarted.
The Building Regulations are a set of construction standards for new buildings. Minimum standards are set for foundations design, structural stability, drainage, energy conservation, access for the disabled, means of escape, heating appliances and associated flues.

The house builder has the option of using the Local Authority building control service or any one of a number of private building control firms or individuals. The services would be identical in the issuing of documentation, including a completion certificate, and site inspections.  

In addition to Building Regulations approval new build homes require a Building Warranty. Building Societies require a Building Warranty prior to granting a mortgage. The procedure is available both from the public and private sector.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can help you with any of the above, or if you have a question about any part of the process.


  • Very fast, great price. Thanks Simon. Ollie, next door neighbour!
  • Extremely quick turn around and took all of the planning hassle our of our hands. Karen Holmes
  • I use Simon on all of my building jobs. He's very proffessional and very reliable. I wouldn't look anywhere else. Ray Collins

Useful Planning Links

Here are some useful links if you're thinking about starting a project. I submit plans and applications every day on behalf of clients, so I'd be happy to chat if you need help making sense of the rules, regulations and red tape, or if you have any queries.

Simon Filipowicz - a little bit about me:

I have been working in the industry for over 30 years. As a self employed Architectural Draftsman, I provide a range of planning and design services for many clients accross the local area and the region. My clients include freinds, neighbours and local builders, as well as larger companies and organisations. By providing a fast, reliable and competatively priced service, I strive to ensure that all of my clients always come back to me whenever they are working on a new project. Thankfully I have all the equiptment I need at my home office in Broughton Gifford (a small villiage sitting between Bath, Corsham, Bradford on Avon and Melksham), so thankfully my overheads are low! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions.